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I´m so excited to be writing this update , we´ve been waiting for thylane editorial for Jalouse for so long and now is here!!  I know is late but We have over 18 pictures of the photoshoot and they are beyond beautiful! Thylane looks amazing in the cover and the magazine says she´s " the new kate moss" !! how cool! we totally agreed on that!, You can also see thylane in the Official facebook of Jalouse magazine!. Go and like the page and Thylane fans don´t forget to purchase the magazine! Click the thumbunails below to see the pictures.


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Posted on 2014 Apr 10 by marifer

Thylane's 2014 Birthday Project

Thylane is turning 13 this April 5th and we want to make her day a little more special!

The idea is to collect as many submissions as possible! so if you want to wish Thylane a Happy Birhtday, read the rules below and send us your email!


-Only appropriate submissions will be included. Please make sure your message is suitable for a 13 year old. 

-You can send videos, pictures, and messages.
- You can either take a picture of yourself holding a sign or record a short video (must be shorter than 10 seconds) wishing Thylane a Happy Birthday / letting her know how much you love her.
- You may also send in fan graphics or fan videos. Videos must be shorter than 10 seconds.
- If you do not wish to appear in the video, you can still send in a sweet short message, and we’ll put it together.
- Please note your video does not necessary have to be in English. You can still record yourself/take a picture in your own language. We want to hear from everyone around the globe!


Via EMAIL only. Please copy and paste the form below into an email and fill it in. All submissions are to be sent to: ppblover@hotmail.com

Type of Message: (Text Message, Graphic, Video, Fan Picture)
Link to your video/graphic/picture:

If you have trouble attaching your video file to the email, we suggest you UPLOAD it an external server such as WeTranfer and send us the link. 

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Posted on 2014 Mar 30 by marifer

Dani Brubaker

Hi everyone! we have a big update today! miss thylane did a photoshoot with the incredible photographer Dani Brubaker ( we know thylane loves dani) and the pictures are beautiful! we have 4 of them and I love them all!. The location the hairstyle and the clothes are incredible! make sure to check them out!


I also updated the  gallery with the new pictures, click the links below. smiley

»{004x} SWILDENS


»{003x} VARIOUS #4 

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Posted on 2014 Mar 03 by marifer


Back in August Thylane shoot for Swildens fall campaign one of the biggest labels in france and now we have over 25 pictures to share! they are are beautiful , we´re sure thylane loved to wear their cool clothes!, make sure to check them out in the gallery .

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Posted on 2014 Jan 17 by marifer

New pictures

Happy new year everyone! this is our first post and I have beautiful pictures to share laugh .New amazing things and projects are coming for thylane in this 2014. we can´t wait !!  meanwhile I just add Exclusive pictures to the gallery , there´s one when thylane is teeny tiny ..how cute!!! 

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Posted on 2014 Jan 02 by marifer

Lest Tetés Blondes and new layout!

I´m so excited to share this les tetes blondes pictures with you! thylane looks super beautiful as always and they´re  in super high quality make sure to check them out by clicking the images below, also you can see thylane in their official website.


And you may notice that we have a brand new look!!, it was about time right? this time the design and coding made by myself, hope you all like it smiley

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Posted on 2013 Dec 20 by marifer


Hi everyone!! first of all I´m so so so sorry for the lack of updates I will try to add news more often but you can always check missthylane facebook page. In other news Thylane is going to work with IMG one of the biggest agency worldwide! how cool is that!? congrats thy! and I just add 4 beautiful pictures of tetes blondes, make sure to check them out!


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Posted on 2013 Dec 14 by marifer

Ralph Lauren and new pictures

 Hi everyone!  Ralph Lauren black label pictures are starting to come out  and as you know miss Thylane is featured in the campaign ! we will  add more when we get them so stay tuned!

And along with that beautiful picture we have some exclusvie behind the scenes, Thylane looks so pretty in Ralph Lauren clothes and the sets are amazing! we can´t wait for more pictures!


We also have 3 beautiful new pictures! and one more picture from Manor! and guys if you wonder where our past news are, a few days ago we had a problem with the site and we lost our old news anyway make sure to check the new pictures in the gallery! 

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Posted on 2013 Aug 10 by marifer

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